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Simplifying Access to Critical Therapies
The EvinceMed Access Management Platform automates specialty prescribing transactions, speeding patient access to life-saving therapies.

For Pharma Manufacturers

EvinceMed’s unique Pre-Hub Solutions enable you to rapidly build and deploy comprehensive patient access and market access programs. By enabling full electronic processing, healthcare providers (HCPs) can transparently engage patients to provide fast access to the therapies they need.

With the EvinceMed Access Management Platform, you’ll have a single point of access across therapeutic areas and third-party hub services providers to better integrate with existing patient and provider engagement systems.

Designed from the ground up to drive better patient access and outcomes by speeding time-to-therapy. 

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For Hub Providers

Leading hub services providers have been utilizing the EvinceMed platform to improve key performance indicators and speed time-to-first-fill for the customers. 

By integrating the EvinceMed platform via a single API into their current systems and workflows, they leverage the power of the EvinceMed network and optimize critical workflows. 

EvinceMed delivers a unique set of features designed to eliminate bottlenecks and improve hub performance metrics.

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For Specialty Pharmacies

Designed to work across therapeutic areas, we help specialty pharmacies improve specialty performance metrics and take the friction out of the specialty drug processing and fulfillment.

Through a single dashboard, you'll have full electronic access to benefits eligibility, prior authorization, and automatic script routing.

We help case managers more efficiently manage large volumes and facilitate faster fill rates for patients.

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For Health Plans and PBMs

Effectively managing specialty prescription growth is a core objective for most plan sponsors. To best manage formularies, plans rely on prior authorizations to ensure medical necessity and align core therapies with best practices around efficacy and member outcomes. 

However, due to the amount of time required to process prior authorizations through traditional, multi-point phone and fax systems, members are abandoning their therapies at an alarming rate. In fact, according to a 2017 AMA survey, 92% of physicians reported that prior authorization caused delays in their patients' care, and 78% reported that prior authorizations sometimes led to treatment abandonment.

The EvinceMed Access Management Platform enables real-time benefits investigation and electronic prior authorizations at the point of care to foster automated reviews and approvals, and reduce the administrative burden for prior authorizations.

EvinceMed helps streamline the review of critical prior authorizations and automatically route to preferred specialty pharmacies, reducing friction and boosting member adherence-and plan satisfaction.

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