We're the Specialty Specialists.

We have built the most robust Specialty Access Management Solutions to put life-saving therapies into the hands of those who need them most.
Simpler. Faster. Better.

Our Focus

Accelerating patient access to specialty medications.

Our Mission

To blow up the bottlenecks embedded in traditional specialty medication transactions and lead the charge in putting patient access first through advanced automation and integration.

Our Commitment

Eliminate friction, leverage advanced technologies, simplify processes, and speed time to therapy for patients.


Meet Our Team

With more than 100 years of combined experience in electronic data interchange (EDI) in the pharmacy and healthcare ecosystem, we founded EvinceMed in 2015 with one purpose: to eliminate specialty prescribing bottlenecks.

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David Jackson
Co-Founder & CEO

Passionate about actively leading the next wave of electronically enabled systems to help patients take advantage of the latest life-saving therapies.

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Rajan Gupta
Co-Founder & CTO

Expert technologist focused on making disparate systems work better together and leverage technology to improve patient outcomes.

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Fred Waid, Esq.
Chief Financial Officer

Focused fiduciary expert who aligns resources to accelerate growth and drive improvements that help our customers help people live better lives.

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Tanya Bateman
Chief Operating Officer

A dedicated driver who delivers a stellar customer experience with data-driven OpEx strategies to improve customer engagement and retention.

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Ray Solone
Chief Commercial Officer

Obsessed with delivering highly differentiated solutions that drive return on adoption and delight users and economic buyers alike.

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Ben Hoskins
EVP Pharmacy Solutions

Committed collaborator of excellence in customer engagement to deliver solutions and services aligned to customer goals.

Our Investors

DCA is a leading provider of growth and transactional services to closely held and family-owned companies throughout the Western U.S. DCA also provides expansion and buyout capital to growth-oriented companies led by talented management teams.

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