Accelerating Speed to Therapy

EvinceMed automates administrative pharmacy hub services through our secure cloud-based application or APIs integrated into your system. Our solutions are based on state-of-the-art technology and designed to integrate into your existing workflows.

We are focused on saving hubs, specialty pharmacies, physicians and patients time and money by automating and exchanging patient referral/enrollment, prior authorization and other medication-related information electronically.
Prior Authorization
Electronic prior authorizations (ePAs) increase speed to therapy, save money and decrease prescription abandonment. EvinceMed effectively connects physicians, PBMS and health plans to accelerate patients receiving their prescribed medications.
Eligibility & Benefit Information
Medical eligibility provides real-time benefit verification for over 1,200 commercial and government payers and may include coinsurance, co-pay and deductible-to-date information. Pharmacy real-time eligibility (medical and pharmacy) including existing co-pay, deductible-to-date and benefit information. Complete and accurate eligibility and benefit information results in better decision-making at the point of prescribing and effectively eliminates problems with rejected claims.
Medication History
12-month retail and mail order pharmacy medication history can assist determining compliance, improving adherence to existing regimens and supporting decisions about new drug therapies. Medication history provides dosage information and medication description which can also help reduce adverse drug effects (ADEs) and associated readmissions.
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