EvinceMed lets you verify both medical and pharmacy insurance coverage and co-pay amounts up front. Ineligible patient insurance coverage causes more than 75% of all claim rejections and denials by payers. Real-time eligibility and benefit information can be integrated into existing prescription workflows.

Pharmacy eligibility applies mostly to medications intended to be self-administered. Responses provide real-time eligibility benefit information including coinsurance. EvinceMed features exclusive co-pay and deductible-to-date information.

Medical eligibility applies to medication administered by healthcare professionals. EvinceMed’s medical eligibility provides real-time benefit verification for over 1,200 commercial and government payers and may include coinsurance, co-pay and deductible-to-date information.

EvinceMed removes uncertainty and lets you dispense the most suitable drug for the patient without fear of the claim being rejected.