Specialty drugs will account for almost one-third of overall U.S. drug spend in 2017. Most employer sponsored health plans require prior authorization and step-therapy programs -- more than 80% of large employers. This rising administrative burden is costly, outside automated workflows and unsustainable.

Currently, it can take an average of 25 days to complete all tasks necessary to fill some specialty medications, resulting in a 40% prescription abandonment.

EvinceMed has effectively reduced the time from diagnosis to prescription fulfillment by automating the processes that are manual today. Our services reduce the current average fulfillment time from 25 days to less than 10, and prescription abandonment rates drop from 40% to approximately 25%.

We pre-populate prior authorizations with patient and physician information and provide a dashboard with statuses:

EvinceMed’s eHub also has financial assistance opportunity and other information that saves time and increases adherence and compliance.